Comfortable Shoes Camp 2004

Dedicated to Manny Margolis

Our Friend, Our Rock, Candy Man




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                                               Pierre                          Philippe

Our friends from France

The calm before the great wind.

What happened?


                                                     The rope exploded.                          We leave it for Eddie.

Our cover is blown.  -  Party On!


Preparations for Band Scramble


Band Scramble


Band Scramble winners on Stage Five


Jeremy's Moment of Zen


A Walkabout



Like the Phoenix, the parachute rises again.


We had a great group of Virgins this year!


Our guys at Stage Seven




Comfortable Shoes Camp Day at Stage Five


Getting the Winfield Spirit while your young.



The Poker Game





Tony's Bratwurst Feed


The Auction

Complements of Ron Erwin (on the left)


The last day family portrait.

Hold that Winfield feeling till next year!