Comfortable Shoes Camp 2005

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Boys will be boys.







Thanks to Eddie there were lots of additions to camp this year, new parachutes, new tents and new digs for the providers.


The kitchen evolved as well.

Shoes adventurers take Eddie's Bus to meet Jeremy's Bus in Wichita to bring Jeremy Home.



Manny's Winfield Service

Band Scramble

The All Dave Band


Aaron puts the Formal in Formal.

Dilan and Donovan become official Winfield Chefs.


Some are less formal than others.


The first annual Winfield Formal Dinner.


It was a banner year for babies in the Comfortable Shoes Camp this year!


Dennis' Workshop


Our Guys at Stage Five


No, I Don't Think So!



Ron Erwin's Gallery


Tony's Bratwurst Feed

Searching for Bobby Fischer